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Travel to Tomorrow wants to harness the positive power of travel to gain broad social added value for all stakeholders: residents, entrepreneurs, visitors and the place. We do not see tourism as a goal in itself, but as a means to let our destination thrive through economical, ecological, social,… benefits. But that requires commitment and cooperation from all of us!

And so we are constantly looking for inspiring stories or practical examples of people, organizations, projects, companies, initiatives, … that encourage places to start flourishing by creating that broad social added value. We hope to learn from them and inspire people by sharing (a selection of) those stories through our website, social media, media partners,… 

More specifically, we are looking for inspiring examples of

sustainable, innovative, dynamic entrepreneurs who look beyond solely economic profit and strive for social added value for the place, its residents and visitors. Entrepreneurs who look beyond their own company and want to collaborate with others; who are agile and aim to innovate;

projects, initiatives or sites that offer an impactful experience. They stimulate the encounter between residents, visitors and entrepreneurs. They allow, and even endorse and highlight the uniqueness of the place. Those projects, initiatives or sites share the stories related to their own history, art, culture, nature,… They allow for people to slow down and take the time to reflect;

residents or organizations who proudly represent the place where they live. True ambassadors who want to solidify that place and support the people who live there or come to visit;

visitors who testify about the impact traveling has had on their life. Visitors who gladly share the stories of the powerful places, encounters and experiences they came across during their journey.

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