Kickoff Travel to Tomorrow

All during the span of a year and a half. We explored the evolutions in the wider world of travelling. The result was surprising, enthusiasm was strong, and the challenges proved enormous. If we complete our story, and focus more on the context and social setting in which tourism takes place and look more closely at the interactions between travellers, place and inhabitants. The structures and processes that are needed to ensure those interactions generate net benefit for all parties have not yet been defined. And that is pretty exciting. Local governments, enterprises and residents hold the keys to harnessing the positive power of tourism in their places and then applying it so that the visitor has opportunities to be moved, enriched, enlivened and enchanted by the unique spirit of a place. It is with this hope that we have started our journey to tomorrow. A voyage of discovery, chock full of stories and encounters. A journey that included numerous provocative and inspirational moments.

Check out the Travel to Tomorrow magazine and this website to learn more about the results.

But we’re not going to stop here!

Do you also feel the desire to travel to tomorrow and to take action? Do you want to take the first step?

On Tuesday the 23rd of April we continued our journey to tomorrow. Join us and watch the kickoff session we broadcasted live via Facebook and YouTube!

Watch the photo album

More than 165 people subscribed to the event… A succesful kickoff session of an interesting journey. Thanks to everybody who joined us on the 23rd of April. Don’t hesitate to check out the photo album!


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