Villers Abbey invests in sustainable development

The Villers Abbey is in full swing. Their goal is to make the location more attractive by focusing on sustainable development and at the same time by responding to the needs of the visitors. The initiatives can be clustered in four areas: social, environment, economic and policy related.

Social initiatives

  • People who are struggling within the regular job market are employed for the restoration work of the heritage.
  • The maintenance of the garden is done by persons with disabilities who receive the necessary guidance.
  • Tours can be adjusted to the needs of the target group.
  • Accessibility for disabled people is facilitated as well as possible.
  • Efforts are being made to also attract disadvantaged groups or disabled people.
  • The educational component is deployed with an accessible library, a documentation centre, floor plans, audio guides, games, tours, digital information, and so on.

Ecologic initiatives

  • The domain is grazed naturally by sheep and goats.
  • Green energy is generated by hydraulic tools and covers around 30% of the Abbey’s total use.
  • Sustainability is facilitated by toilets with a water-saving push button, lighting with sensors and the use of natural drinking water.
  • Natural products are used for fertilizing and removing weeds.
  • The gardens are developed with respect for biodiversity. Among other things, honey, old roses, hops and wines are produced here.
  • Waste sorting and recycling is encouraged.
  • Carrier bags made of recycled plastic are offered in collaboration with partners.
  • Respect for the local nature is stimulated via activities and education. Just think of educational and relaxing activities in the gardens, the protection of bats, nature walks, insect hotels and advice on natural products that stimulate our well-being.
  • Efforts are being made with regards to CO2 emissions by raising awareness about using public transport and providing a charging station for e-bikes. Extra trees are also being planted to compensate for CO2 emissions.

Economic initiatives

  • The abbey makes its local beer on site.
  • A shop with local products is available.
  • Activities that promote the local culture are being organized.

Policy initiatives

  • Examination by an independent auditor.
  • Public tendering rules are being followed.

Want to know more?

Visit the website.
Download the presentation on Villers Abbey’s sustainable development (in French).

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