Beyond targets: responsible tourism and climate action

Old Man of Storr, Scotland

VisitScotland is leading a sustainable revolution in tourism by asking how they can go further.

As Scotland’s national tourism organisation, VisitScotland is responsible for promoting Scotland as a sustainable destination whilst maximising the economic benefit brought by millions of visitors each year.

The challenge for VisitScotland and the tourism industry is to ensure this economic growth is sustainable and addresses the challenge of the climate emergency. It also needs to allow communities to flourish, free from some of the pressures that tourism can bring to some destinations at some times in the year.

John Thurso, VisitScotland.
© – John Thurso

Click here to read the full interview with VisitScotland chairman Lord Thurso by Holyrood, Scotland’s political and current affairs magazine.

Source: Holyrood
Featured image by Frankie Dixon on Unsplash

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