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The mission of “Travel to Tomorrow” is to make Flanders a flourishing destination with resilient, sustainable and future-oriented places that offer added value to all involved. Tourism is a means and not an end in itself.


Launched in 2017, Travel to Tomorrow is a story of, for, and by the sector, with Visit Flanders in a facilitating role. Through a major listening survey, magazine, learning network, living labs, summit, book – and above all by daring to experiment and working cocreatively with an open mind – our vision has materialised.

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The positive power of tourism can transform visitors and the places they visit, including the people and local communities that “make” and inhabit those places. We believe in Travel to Tomorrow, working towards a balance between visitors, entrepreneurs and residents out of respect for the soul of the place, adding value to everyone involved.  

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Rubenskasteel ©Romain Foubert

We regularly bring together people from different fields to work on Travel to Tomorrow. Cross-pollination, an open mind and learning from one another are therefore central to our vision.

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How do you get started with Travel to Tomorrow? What does this new vision evoke in us? And how do we look to the future together? Various case studies, opinion pieces and practical tools can provide inspiration.

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