Understand a place

To really understand a place, you need to make a deeper connection with it. You can do so by putting all five of your senses to work separately from one another.

Resilient Destinations

The curated collection of stories of focuses mostly on initiatives developing resilient tourism and ensuring a sustainable recovery.

Lerend netwerk

VISITFLANDERS is reflecting on its future. To involve everyone in this process, it organised a Learning Network around the central theme of Travelling to Tomorrow. The participants inspire each other, fostering new ideas and insights, under the approving eye of coaches Arno Vansichen and Luc Verheijen.

regenerative tourism

Jenny Andersson had a great opportunity to talk about the potential of regenerative tourism with three leading lights of the industry; leading speaker Anna Pollock, marketing director of Visit Flanders Elke Dens, and Tina O’Dwyer, head of The Tourism Space in Ireland.

Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins is best known as the founder of the Transition Network, a radically hopeful and community-driven approach to creating resilient societies powered by community-based imagination and locally generated energy. Since forming the Transition Town Network in Tones, England in 2005, Rob has witnessed and nourished several thousand initiatives in over 40 countries and has also overseen the...

Summit 19

On 12 and 13 September 2019, the MICE workshop took place during the Travel to Tomorrow summit in Bruges. Together with the organisers of Supernova – Nora Weytens of Flanders DC and Marieke Sopers of Scale-Ups EU – and moderator Samme Allen, Visit Flanders supported this session with the aim of thinking about how international conferences can have a positive impact on our destination.