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Flemish artist Koen Vanmechelen is an internationally-renowned, interdisciplinary artist, and also one of the most versatile thinkers of our era. He places himself at the confluence of art, science, philosophy and the community. He travels the world, like an eternal nomad, searching for answers to fundamental questions about hyper-current themes, such as identity, diversity and globalisation. All...

Workshop proefuinen

Visit Mechelen, Tourism Kempen and Tourism Meetjesland, pioneers in Travelling to Tomorrow, completed an intensive learning project and trials in 2019 with the aim of realising the Travelling to Tomorrow and flourishing destinations concepts in their regions and cities. They started by expanding the local network around tourism with residents, businesses and policy. A few experimental projects...

Lerend netwerk

VISITFLANDERS is reflecting on its future. To involve everyone in this process, it organised a Learning Network around the central theme of Travelling to Tomorrow. The participants inspire each other, fostering new ideas and insights, under the approving eye of coaches Arno Vansichen and Luc Verheijen.

Iedereen Verdient Vakantie

Following Rob Hopkins’ ‘From What is to What if…?’ example, the network around ‘Holiday Participation’ started dreaming themselves up a 2030 where holidays are accessible for all, including people on a low income. With a belief that everyone is entitled to some breathing space and experiences that can energise, they’ve set up the ‘Why holidays matter’ network. The various initiatives they organise...

Summit 19

On 12 and 13 September 2019, the MICE workshop took place during the Travel to Tomorrow summit in Bruges. Together with the organisers of Supernova – Nora Weytens of Flanders DC and Marieke Sopers of Scale-Ups EU – and moderator Samme Allen, Visit Flanders supported this session with the aim of thinking about how international conferences can have a positive impact on our destination.

Willy Van Zandweghe

We want to make the municipality of Sint-Laureins a thriving destination. If one man in Sint-Laureins is allowed to put this search on the hat as a compliment, then it is Willy Van Zandweghe anyway. Even though he would never do it himself. The chairman of the tourist advisory board in Sint-Laureins is a patient person who connects and unites.


Together with Mechelen and De Kempen, Meetjesland is in Flanders a testing ground for new insights into tourism. Together with the British tourism expert Anna Pollock, Tourism Flanders is investigating new insights into tourism growth by ‘Travelling to Tomorrow’ (Reizen naar Morgen).