Tourism 2020+

In pursuit of gross national happiness

On Thursday 16 January 2020, Visit Antwerp and VISITFLANDERS organised an inspirational morning at the FMCCA for professionals working in, and linked to, the tourism industry. A fascinating presentation by Damcho Rinzin—Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Council of Bhutan—about the success story of Bhutan in terms of sustainable tourism and gross national happiness, was followed by a panel discussion about balanced and sustainable tourism with Koen Kennis (Alderman for Tourism, City of Antwerp), Anja Stas (CMO/CCO Antwerp ZOO Society and Flanders Meeting & Convention Centre) and Pieter Loose (Hotond Sporthotel, Kluisbergen). A mix of entrepreneurs from the tourism industry, stakeholders, and policy-makers in Antwerp and Flanders engaged in a dialogue with each other, sharing their ideas on the tourism of the future.

The conclusion of this inspirational morning?
Just like Damcho Rinzin in Bhutan, we want, and can also strive, to increase gross national happiness in Flanders. His methods inspired us to think about how best to work towards this.

You can read the full report here.