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The world – as well as “tourism” itself – is changing rapidly. And we have to keep up by adapting and reinventing ourselves. Searching for the right ingredients for a new/better future for tourism. We invited the sector to reflect on the evolution of tourism, addressing a few pressing questions, and to dare to question the prevailing opinion and approach.

regenerative tourism

Jenny Andersson had a great opportunity to talk about the potential of regenerative tourism with three leading lights of the industry; leading speaker Anna Pollock, marketing director of Visit Flanders Elke Dens, and Tina O’Dwyer, head of The Tourism Space in Ireland.

Iedereen Verdient Vakantie

Following Rob Hopkins’ ‘From What is to What if…?’ example, the network around ‘Holiday Participation’ started dreaming themselves up a 2030 where holidays are accessible for all, including people on a low income. With a belief that everyone is entitled to some breathing space and experiences that can energise, they’ve set up the ‘Why holidays matter’ network. The various initiatives they organise...

We must get rid of our addiction to growth

Freelance business journalist Wouter Temmerman explains in Brussels Airlines b.inspired inflight magazine October 2019 why, in a changing economic society where the size of a company isn’t necessarily representative of success, bigger doesn’t always mean better.


Travelling to tomorrow also means looking differently at economic growth. In arrivals Europe has grown by 6%; Flanders has grown by 10% last year. Shirley Nieuwland shared an interesting piece on the application of Kate Raworth’s ‘Doughnut Economics’ applied to Anna Pollock’s ‘flourishing’ destinations.

Oud naar nieuw

Being aware, taking responsibility, connecting and collaborating: the four ingredients for making the transition from a tourist destination to a flourishing place and community. We explained that entrepreneurs are happy to make a contribution. The government is listening and trying to find out how to strengthen its role. And there are also people who are proud of their place, who offer hospitality...

De Linde-EN

The tourism of tomorrow will be rooted in local communities. In neighbourhoods, villages and cities that thrive and, as a result, enjoy welcoming enthusiastic visitors. A flourishing community is very much connected to its specific place; where people work together, where visitors can feel at home and residents can nurture and share their love for the place.


The tourism of tomorrow will be different, whether we like it or not. What tourism can we create that matches the challenges of the future and establishes a positive balance for the traveller, host and place? And just as important: how do we shift in that direction, what do we need to see and do differently?

Op weg naar een florerende bestemming

Our voyage of discovery in a world full of change is a quest to find the ingredients for a flourishing destination. Fifty people gathered for a two-day writing adventure. They reflected on the discoveries from studies, workshops, conversations and think-tanks.