Stayer cycles

Meet Judith Rooze, a passionate Belgian wheel builder for sports bikes, located in East London. If you want to know what a passionate community with strong ties to Flanders’ assets looks like, check out this interview in GRAN FONDO, ‘The most exciting cycling magazine’.

Michelle Holliday

She made a remarkable ‘sojourn’ in Bruges, where VISITFLANDERS hosted a summit about the future of Tourism, named ‘Travel to Tomorrow, growing forward together.’ In her keynote talk, Michelle Holliday, author of the book ‘The Age of Thrivability’, gently invited the tourism sector to become aware of its influence to help create a world where all life can thrive.

American university students on Travel to Tomorrow

An intensive one month visit to the Low Countries: two weeks in the Netherlands, two weeks in Belgium, Flanders and Brussels. That’s what 26 American students from Berkeley University in San Francisco and their Flemish professor Jeroen Dewulf have just completed. They concluded their trip at VISITFLANDERS where they exchanged ideas on Travel to Tomorrow.