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For a year we, together with various partners, have thought about the transformative power of tourism for the visitor, occupant and destination. We have bundled the result of this co-creative thinking process into the magazine ‘Journey to tomorrow’.

Oud naar nieuw

Being aware, taking responsibility, connecting and collaborating: the four ingredients for making the transition from a tourist destination to a flourishing place and community. We explained that entrepreneurs are happy to make a contribution. The government is listening and trying to find out how to strengthen its role. And there are also people who are proud of their place, who offer hospitality...

De Linde-EN

The tourism of tomorrow will be rooted in local communities. In neighbourhoods, villages and cities that thrive and, as a result, enjoy welcoming enthusiastic visitors. A flourishing community is very much connected to its specific place; where people work together, where visitors can feel at home and residents can nurture and share their love for the place.


The tourism of tomorrow will be different, whether we like it or not. What tourism can we create that matches the challenges of the future and establishes a positive balance for the traveller, host and place? And just as important: how do we shift in that direction, what do we need to see and do differently?

Op weg naar een florerende bestemming

Our voyage of discovery in a world full of change is a quest to find the ingredients for a flourishing destination. Fifty people gathered for a two-day writing adventure. They reflected on the discoveries from studies, workshops, conversations and think-tanks.


Inspired by his participation in the Tourism Transforms project, Erik Hennes from Tourism Meetjesland created a core group in order to raise the issue of tourism of the future in the ‘Kreken’ area (a part of Meetjesland).

rnm - Florerende Plek

Tourism is more than just the economy. As a visitor, you will bristle with creativity in some places and find profound inspiration in others. The passion that residents show, ensure that some places are full of inspiration and therefore remain with you. Entrepreneurs do not exist separate from the community but are part of it.

Leo Van Broeck

Leo Van Broeck, Flemish Bouwmeester (architect) since 2016, has gotten under the skin of many people with his ambitious plans for the creation of more nature and his drive towards living smaller and closer. “Every local decision must be seen in a perspective of responsible handling of the planet. You can’t act locally without thinking globally”, he says.

Wat als … we onder de 750 km niet meer zouden vliegen?

Are you a vegetarian who doesn’t eat meat due to environmental/climate issues? A return trip from Brussels to New York is as damaging as eating one thousand Big Macs. Have you had a water-saving shower-head for two years? One return flight to London, and the CO2 you’ve saved has been emitted again. Or have you installed environmentally-friendly LED bulbs in your home? The CO2 benefits that you...

Anna Pollock

Worldwide, there is a great deal of movement within the travel and hospitality sector. The digital revolution, the sharing economy and the huge growth in the number of travellers has led to significant changes in the sector. “But the operating system is not keeping up”, says British tourism expert Anna Pollock. Growth is accelerating at a huge pace but this is having a major impact on the earth...

Jan Rotmans

Dutch professor Jan Rotmans is an expert on the subject of transition management and sustainability who is much sought-after, both at home and abroad. As a ‘progressor’, he also endeavours to translate theoretical transitional science into concrete actions and advice for entrepreneurs, governments and organisations.